Can We Get Any Lazier?

June 6, 2017

The overcast sky and high 60°s temperature has not made us energetic to explore San Diego, that and the highways.  We’d thought we’d explore the zoo today but all that walking and the price of admission just talked us out of it.  Instead we took a nice nap.

After getting up we went in search of a Pizza Hut for dinner.  In many, if not all places in California, they believe in minimal on signs which makes neighborhoods look nicer but makes finding businesses that much more difficult.  We went in search of a Pizza Hut to discover it wasn’t in business any longer.  We tried a few other Pizza Huts from the phone listings but two couldn’t understand when Deane asked if they had sit-down seating available.  Finally Deane was asking if they had tables to sit at.  Then we thought we’d try the Denny’s across the parking lot but we scratched that off our list too after being in the parking lot for a bit.  During this time, in this parking lot, we saw an arrest happen at the Taco Bell across the street and another arrest just up the highway that we passed.  I told Deane I’d just feel better if we went back to the Outback we’ been to yesterday.  Whew, this adventure wore me out 🙃


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